Scott Dudley - Percussionist

Private Instruction

My mission is to offer quality private instruction in percussion by providing education, training, and developmental opportunities for all students.

Private Instruction:

Private instruction is a personal one-on-one experience between student and teacher where the student receives additional, special, or basic percussion instruction depending on their personal needs and their current ability level.

Most lessons focus on snare drum and keyboard development, while others include drum set, timpani and accessories (cymbals, bass drum, triangle, tambourine). The instructional focus will also depend on the current season or semester.

One of the most important concepts I can teach your student is how to practice. Without solid practice habits, students cannot hope to better themselves musically. There are 5 tools that are essential for every percussionist to develop through practice:

  • Technique
  • Rudiments
  • Reading
  • Coordinated Independence
  • Knowledge of Different Styles

Lessons can be scheduled during your student’s school band class or before or after school. If lessons are during class, they will last approximately 25 minutes. Meeting outside of the school day sometimes offers a more flexible amount of time to meet.

My Promise:

  • I promise to be professional, courteous, and respectful to parents and students.
  • I promise to do my best to help your student develop their musical skills.
  • I promise to teach your student in a positive, patient, and structured environment.
  • I promise to maintain open lines of communication with parents and students.